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Tech-Enabled Contract Drafting Services

We help you draft, review, and sign technology-related legal agreements.

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Reimagine Your Paper Process

Draft, review, and negotiate technology contracts with a little help from technology . . . and humans

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Contract Drafting

Build a professional and complete technology legal document stack
  • Software-as-a-Service Agreements
  • Terms of Service
  • Professional Services Agreements
  • Software Development Agreements
  • Contractor and Vendor Agreements
Businessmen review procedures through documents containing checkbox lists, rules of conduc
Businessman Inspecting Paperwork Document of Business Data Analysis working Management rep

Contract Support

Understand what you are signing before you sign it
  • Contract review and recommendations
  • Updated and maintained contracts
  • Documents e-signature workflows
  • Contract management and administration
  • Contract redlining and negotiations

Attorney Support

Get unlimited access to experienced technology contract attorneys
  • Add a tech attorney to your team
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • No "billable" hours
  • Discounted pricing
  • Peace of mind


Automated Technology Contract Workflows


Detailed, yet simple intake forms

Click here to sample our Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement workflow

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Greg, is very professional and Easy to work with! Greg is provide Solutions!"

"Great guy and very indepth contracts, would recommend."

"Greg was very prompt, helpful, and generous."

"Looks great, Greg! My teammates . . . will be very happy they have a solid, well-thought-out contract for this project! I hope we can continue to look to you for more contract (and negotiation, if need be) work in the future!"

"Would recommend and hopefully will work together in the future, great explanations, great contract, great guy."

"Working with Greg was an amazing experience. He is very professional and made an incredible work according to our expectations. Thanks Greg !"

Dev Counsel Academy™

Free TechDocs™ Workbook

Our TechDocs Workbook will guide you through common technology contracts and help you decide what documents your business needs.
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