Transform the Way You Agree

Save time and money on legal fees with custom automated legal document drafting and workflows.

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Avoid Errors

Pre-Fill Basic Information

Input once, change everywhere. Quickly and easily update information throughout your entire agreement.

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Save Time

Fewer Redlines, Faster Deals

Empower your sales team to draft agreements with legal terms upfront and avoid the back-and-forth. 

Save Money

You're Not Paying Your Lawyer to hit "Cntrl+f"

Empower your sales, marketing, HR and business teams to fill in the blanks on their own.

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Build Contract Workflows

The paper process can slow deals down and kill momentum. Don't let it.

Web and Mobile-Friendly

Not at your workstation but need to get an agreement drafted? No problem.

Cloud-Based Document Access & Delivery

Access your contract workflows and completed agreements anywhere.

Compatible with Microsoft Word

Completed documents are delivered in Microsoft Word so you can redline it...if you want to.


How it Works

Optimize Your Existing Agreements

Start with one of our templates or upload your own agreement

More than just ones and zeros

Where legal meets tech

In-line explanations

Empower your businesses teams with knowledge to get deals done.

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Mostly art,
some science.

It's not how you automate it, it's what you automate, and why, that counts.

Need a custom agreement drafted?

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California law says we can't be a services company and a law we're not a law firm...but we know a guy

Greg Butler

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Use Cases

For the betterment of all

Avoid the back-and-forth and close deals faster by matching legal and commercial terms.

Whether in-house or a law firm, you have more important things to do than hitting "control+f".

Create custom employee documents unique to each person, position, and location.

Whether in-house or a law firm, you have more important things to do than hitting "control+f".


Start automating

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    Pre-Built Templates
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    • Access our entire template library
    • Unlimited document workflows
    • Unlimited document downloads
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    Level 2

    Every month
    Custom Automations
    • Everything in Level 1, plus
    • Up to 5 custom documents
    • Basic automations included
    • Advanced automations $$
    • Custom document workflow page
  • Level 3

    Every month
    Automate Everything
    • Everything in Level 2, plus
    • Up to 12 custom documents
    • 5 advanced automations per month
    • In-line tips and resources
    • Document proof-read included
    • Custom document workflow page

Need some help choosing?


Template Library

Access on-demand legal documents, drafted by actual attorneys 


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Professional Services

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  • Confidentiality Agreement


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