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Legal Document Review

Our Process

Show us what you've got
Send us your document
Send us your document, tell us a little about it, and then we'll get to work providing detailed comments and suggestions
We'll review it and provide comments
We'll use Google Docs to share our comments and suggestions with you so you can respond in real-time
We'll go through it with you live
Schedule a phone or Zoom call and we'll walk you through the document, make changes and discuss options

Simple Flat-Fee Pricing

Let's not make things complicated...
Short Document Review
Less than 10 pages


Medium Document Review
10-20 pages


Long Document Review
20-30 pages



Ok, maybe things are a little more complicated...
Tech Agreements

We're happy to review any of the agreements that we routinely draft, like the ones that can be found on our Drafting Page.

Employment Agreements

We love reviewing employment and contractor agreements, and related invention assignment and non-disclosure agreements.

IP Documents

If you've got a trademark or copyright-related document, like a cease and desist letter or license agreement, that's right up our alley!

Corporate Documents

Corporate documents can open up a can of worms if we're being honest, so we tend to handle these types of documents on a case-by-case basis.


We love to negotiate, but it's not always necessary or possible. So instead of building that in, we take care of that seprately (see below).


We get it, we're attorneys, but disputes don't fall cleanly into the flat fee pricing. If you have a dispute, contact us separately.

Law regulation and compliance rules on virtual screen concept. Businessman working at lapt

Let us review everything!

With a subscription plan, never worry about whether the benefit outweighs the cost of attorney review.
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