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Doc.Mx Plans

Up-To-Date and Ready To Go

Add-on support for our document drafting services 


Unlimited email support and revisions to the documents we have drafted for you


We'll get your documents ready for execution by filling in all the pertinent details


We'll manage your contracts for you so you never have to worry about tracking them down


Starting at just $50 per month

  • Client Connect Not Required

    Doc.MX - Lite

    Every month
    Up to 5 Documents
     3 day free trial
    • Document Maintenance
  • Doc.MX - Standard

    Every month
    Up to 5 Documents
     3 day free trial
    • Document Maintenance
    • 2 x Document Setup
    • 1 x eSignature Template
    • 5 x Custom eSignature
  • Doc.Mx - Pro

    Every month
    Up to 5 Documents
     3 day free trial
    • Document Maintenance
    • 2 x Document Setup
    • 1 x eSignature Template
    • 5 x Custom eSignature
    • 2 x Document Automation
    • Contract Management

All plans auto renew monthly until canceled.

  • What does the "1 x," "2 x," "5 x" etc. mean?
    the number next to the "x" means the limitation on a monthly basis for the applicable service. For example: 2 x Document Setup means that we will setup 2 custom documents for no additional cost. 1 x eSignature Template means that 1 eSignature template can be in use at any time. 5 x Custom eSignature means that we will send up to 5 documents for customer eSignature per month. 2 x Document Automation means that we will automate up to 2 documents at any given time. These limitations are intended to prevent things from getting crazy, but we're not also going to be complete sticklers on the limitations. So we reserve the right to charge in excess of these numbers, but we also reserve the right not to charge you . . .
  • What is Document Maintenance?
    Document maintenance covers routine updates to your documents, such as minor corrections and changes. Additionally, we'll answer any question about the documents we have drafted for you during your subscription period at no additional cost.
  • What is Document Setup?
    Document Setup includes customizing your documents for execution, such as updating a statement of work, adding client or customer information, and generally preparing the document as necessary for execution.
  • What does "eSignature Template" mean?
    An "eSignature Template" means that we will set your document up for signature in DocuSign and provide you a link that you can send to clients or customers to sign the document.
  • Are there limitations to Electronic Signatures?
    Yes. We will only set up the number of documents that are included in the plan you select. We will only set up documents that we drafted for you, and the document must have a "standard" layout that permits creating a document template.
  • What is a "Custom eSignature"?
    A custom eSignature is when we send your document for signature using DocuSign and is used for one-off documents or documents that otherwise cannot be made into an eSignature template.
  • What is Document Automation?
    We will use document automation software that will allow you to quickly and easily set up a document for execution. The benefits of document automation include faster turnaround times and use of the automation software does not count towards any custom document setup limitations in your plan.
  • What is Contract Management?
    If the plan included Contract Management, we will organize executed contracts for you on Google Drive and input pertinent information into a "contract tracker" spreadsheet.
  • What if I need more than my plan includes?
    Each plan includes a base number of services. If you need more than what a single plan provides, you can either pay the individual service pricing available here or we can create a custom plan for you.
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Unlimted access to your own legal counsel
The services you need for one flat monthly price
Contract Management

Stay on top of your contract provisions

Understand the risks, timelines and other important contract provisions
  • Executed contracts saved in the cloud
  • Consolidated spreadsheet with custom metadata
  • Monthly reporting and alerts
  • Quarterly contract analysis and risk assessment
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Keep your documents binding and organized

We'll set up your documents for eSignature or acknowledgement using DocuSign
  • Send documents for eSignature via DocuSign
  • Completed documents stored in the cloud
  • Support for "clickwrap" style agreements
  • Document templates created and maintained

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