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Democratizing Legal Services.
For The Benefit of All.

Who We Are

A business-first law firm built on a software-as-a-service model

Greg Butler Law was formed to break the mold of the traditional law firm. Having gone through law school a little later in life, our founder had no intention of going the "big law" route. In fact, he didn't even plan on practicing law - he planned on being an entrepreneur. 

So Greg Butler Law is tech startup meets law firm. We've taken the SaaS model and applied it to the typical legal services needed by startups, consultants, free lancers and others to provide a business-first approach.

We are legal-preneurs governed by the following principles:

  • Business-First: A 50-page SaaS agreement may be great from a legal perspective but it's terrible if it's so long that it scares your customers away!
  • Access Over ExpertiseWe are not experts in everything. Our primary goal is to be there for you so that we can tell you when to bring in an expert.
  • Trusted Advisor: We want to become an extension of your team, and to be there to help where we can to guide your business decisions and avoid costly mistakes from the outset.
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Located in Oceanside, CA

Greg Butler

Attorney, Founder, Want-to-be Techie

Greg is a former US Marine helicopter pilot turned legalpreneur on a mission to build legal solutions-as-a-service.

JD - University of San Diego School of Law
BS - United States Naval Academy

Practice Areas
Technology Transactions
Business Transactions
Intellectual Property





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- Greg Butler

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Who you work with matters.

Picture of an AH-1Z Cobra helicopter
Picture of Greg in front of a helicopter holding an American flag

Military Experience

Marine Corps AH-1W/Z Helicopter Pilot

After college, I went to flight school and eventually was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, where I learned to fly the Cobra. I conducted two deployments to Afghanistan before becoming an instructor pilot. After about 9 years on active duty, I transitioned to the reserves where I still serve today.

  • Two deployments to Afghanistan
  • 9+ years as an instructor pilot
  • 14+ years stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA
  • Managed squadron security and privacy programs
  • Still actively flying as a Marine Reservist


Poli-Sci and Fly at the U.S. Naval Academy

My dream as a kid was to go to the Naval Academy and do what my hero, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, could never do because he was Duke Mitchell's kid. I studied political science and played a little bit of baseball. I was from New Jersey and my best friend was from Maryland, so together we had friends at most of the local short, we had about as close to a "normal" college experience as you could get at the Academy.

  • Bachelor's - United States Naval Academy
  • JD - University of San Diego School of Law
  • Certified Financial Planner Certificate
  • Lots of stuff on Coursera
Picture of Greg holding his daughter wearing a law school graduation cap and gown
Picture of Greg with his parents after an event at the US Naval Academy
Picture of a camera and video recording studio that Greg started
Advertisement from when Greg helped manage rental office space

Business Experience

"Jack of All Trades Master of Some"

I had a vision for fee-only legal services in law school. I created a website to try to convince an attorney I worked with to go solo. The plan didn't work, but it turned into a few referrals to create a full-service marketing agency was born where I did everything from websites and shooting videos to managing projects and hiring for clients. At one point, I even started something of a co-working space...

  • Founder of a marketing services agency that built websites, wrote content, shot videos, and more
  • Conducted operations and project management for a software development company
  • New hire recruiting, interviewing and onboarding
Image by Annie Spratt

Get to Know Greg

I'd love to talk with you. Who knows, you may just get something useful out of it.

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