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Jack of all trades, master of some?

We wear many hats. We're kind of like general contractors for homes. We do a lot of the work ourselves, but know when to get help.

What sets us apart from others is that we have the capacity to jump into a particular business, understand it, and make it better. 

An unlikely start... 

Dev Counsel started unintentionally. While in law school, Greg, our founder, created a mock law firm website with the intentions of luring an experienced attorney away from his day job to start a boutique law firm. The attempt didn't work, but the website looked pretty decent anyway. The attorney showed a friend...he needed a website, and Dev Counsel built it. 

That first website wasn't fancy, and that wasn't the intent. It just needed to be professional and functional. With little guidance and no experience in the particular industry, Greg put his legal research and writing skills to work. From there, Greg learned that there are a lot of awesome businesses out there who don't have the time or know-how to create a website, marketing campaigns, or scale their operations. 

Since the random start, Dev Counsel has put together a team of experienced creatives, business leaders, and attorneys who can lend a helping hand to startups and growing companies at affordable prices. By combining numerous services along with a team that works mostly part-time, Dev Counsel is able to create economies of scale, efficiency, and centralized support to a growing number of firms.

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