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Legal Rehab: How a Law Firm is the Physical Therapist for Your Business Health

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Picture of a physical therapy patient on the top left and a picture of an attorney and client shaking hands in the bottom right with the letters "V" and "S" inside a circle between the two pictures.

I was talking to a client who runs a physical therapy practice the other day. Coincidentally, my back had just gone out a couple of days prior. So while I awkwardly sat on my chair as our video started, it dawned on me…if I had walked into his clinic for an ankle injury, he’d probably still ask me about my back, right?

That’s a perfect analogy for how I choose to run my legal practice. You may ask for a privacy policy, but if your “trademark” stinks, I will ask about it…

This often leads to longer conversations, deeper dives into a business, and the proverbial cash register cha-chinging in the client’s head as I talk about all the legal stuff they “need.”

In the legal business, more work equals more time, and time is money. So yes, there are additional costs IF you request additional services. But that’s not why I do it.

I try to always lead my suggestions with “this may sound self-serving” (which, transparently, it can be), but here’s the truth - I CANNOT HELP IT! I can’t. I’ve tried, and I’ve failed.

Maybe it’s because I work from home with no one but my dogs to talk to. Or maybe it’s because I just like to talk a lot (which, to everyone who knows me, is true). Above all, though, I think it’s about relationships and doing the right thing.

So while it may sound and be self-serving. And while it may cost you a little more, just know it’s because I care. Just like the physical therapist who couldn’t ignore my awkward sitting position or the grimace on my face because my back was out, I can’t ignore the obvious legal impairments (or opportunities) in your business.

Without further ado, here’s my take on how our law firm is like a physical therapist:

Diagnosing the Issue

Just as a physical therapist assesses a patient’s injury before treatment, a law firm begins by thoroughly understanding a business’ legal issues. Whether it’s a contract, a trademark, or business formation, we evaluate the situation to diagnose the legal problems holistically.

Developing a Treatment Plan

Following diagnosis, physical therapists and lawyers craft a tailored plan for recovery. For the physical therapist, it might involve specific exercises, stretches, and therapy sessions. For the law firm, it means devising a legal strategy that might include contract revisions aimed at resolving the legal issue and fortifying the business against similar situations in the future.

Hands-On Assistance

Physical therapists provide hands-on therapy to aid recovery, applying techniques that help heal the body. Regardless of the machines and equipment available, the therapist ensures you’re doing the right exercises correctly. Similarly, we provide hands-on legal assistance, drafting and negotiating contracts specifically tailored to your business.

Monitoring Progress

Just as a physical therapist monitors a patient's recovery process, adjusting the treatment plan as needed, we stay closely involved in your business. We assess the effectiveness of strategies and make necessary adjustments to ensure that your legal documents promote your business interests over time.

Preventive Advice

Physical therapists don’t just focus on recovery; they also advise preventing future injuries. Likewise, we don’t only resolve current legal issues—we also offer counsel on how to avoid future legal pitfalls. This may involve training employees on compliance, advising on risk management, or reviewing contracts to ensure they’re airtight.

Support and Encouragement

Recovery can be a challenging process, requiring support and encouragement. Physical therapists motivate patients to stick with their treatment plans and celebrate their progress. We support our clients by being available and dependable whenever the next issue arises.

In conclusion, a law firm plays a critical role in the health of your business, much like a physical therapist does for an injury. By diagnosing legal issues, developing treatment plans, providing hands-on assistance, monitoring progress, offering preventive advice, and supporting clients throughout the process, we help businesses recover from legal setbacks and strengthen against future legal challenges. Just as we trust physical therapists to guide us back to physical health, you can trust us to help maintain your business in good legal health.


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