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Document Package Terms and Conditions

If you are a new document package customer, you can sign and print this document by clicking the button below.


Last Updated: December 21, 2023

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are entered between Dev Counsel Law, P.C. (“Dev Counsel,” us,” or “we”) and the individual or entity listed on a Transactional Document (“Client,” “you,” or “your”) that includes the purchase of a legal document drafting package from Dev Counsel (“Document Packages”). These Terms are a part of and incorporate into our Legal Services Agreement (“Fee Agreement”). Capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the Fee Agreement. If a conflict between the Fee Agreement and these Terms exists, the Fee Agreement controls.

Executing these Terms does not constitute a commitment to purchase any Document Package. Such commitment is made only through a Transactional Document.

1.  Document Packages

The documents provided in a Document Package will be specified in an applicable Transactional Document, which may only be modified through a separate written agreement between you and us (email will suffice). 

2.  Full Stack Drafting

For our “Unlimited” or “Full Stack” packages, we will provide the legal documents that you and we agree to during the 2 months after the first payment is made. Full-stack drafting is limited to the types of documents specified in the initial Transactional Document and to a maximum of 25 hours. 

3.  Payment Terms

Document Packages are invoiced in advance as specified in a Transactional Document. We may offer split and/or deferred payment terms, but you agree to pay the full Document Package price, which is non-cancellable upon first payment.

4.  Consultations

Document Packages include 30 days of unlimited consultations. Consultations are intended for your internal guidance only and do not include dispute resolution, negotiation, or any communications with third parties. Consultations are limited to a maximum of 1 hour per consultation unless we agree to extend the call. We agree to respond to requests for consultations within 48 hours of request and may limit the consultations to no more than 2 per week. 

5.  Revisions

We will provide unlimited revisions up to 30 days from the first payment specified in an applicable Transactional Document. Revisions are limited to only subject matter that: (i) was communicated to us prior to delivery of the first draft; (ii) should have been known to us prior to delivery of the first draft; or (iii) was communicated to us within 2 days of delivery of the first draft. The intent of this limitation is to emphasize the importance of providing us with timely communication and feedback.

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