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ContractsCounsel Supplement

If you are a new ContractsCounsel client, you can sign and print this document by clicking the button below.

ContractsCounsel Supplement

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

This ContractsCounsel Supplement (“Supplement”) is entered between Dev Counsel Law, P.C. (“Dev Counsel,” us,” or “we”) and the individual or entity that hires us on ContractsCounsel (“Client,” “you,” or “your”). This Supplement is a part of and incorporates into our Legal Services Agreement (“Fee Agreement”). Capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the Fee Agreement. If a conflict between the Fee Agreement and this Supplement exists, the Fee Agreement controls.

Executing this Supplement does not constitute a commitment to purchase any Legal Services. Such commitment is made only through a Transactional Document.

1.  Integration

Use of the ContractsCounsel platform binds both you and us to the ContractsCounsel Terms of Use. This Supplement does not alter or replace the ContractsCounsel Terms of Use, which you and we both remain individually and separately liable for complying with its terms. You and we each agree to hold the other harmless from the use of the ContractsCounsel platform. 

2.  Confidentiality

ContractsCounsel is not a law firm, and communication on ContractsCounsel is not subject to attorney-client confidentiality or privilege. Any communication you wish to keep confidential should not be shared on ContractsCounsel and should be made directly to us, either by phone, email, or as otherwise provided by us.

3.  Transactional Documents

For the purposes of our Fee Agreement, the term “Transactional Documents” includes the ContractsCounsel bid, which will be the primary source of specifying the Legal Services provided by us and the Legal Fees paid by you. Any changes to the scope of work or applicable Legal Fees will be made via the ContractsCounsel platform.

4.  Payment Terms

When you initially hire us on ContractsCounsel, you will be required to make an initial deposit, and you may be required to place payment information on file. We do not have access to the payment information you place on file with ContractsCounsel. If you wish to cancel any Legal Services after the initial payment but before any Legal Services are provided, let us know, and we will use reasonable efforts to inform ContractsCounsel of the change, but we do not have the ability to control any refunds, which are handled exclusively by ContractsCounsel.

5.  Delivery Schedule

When providing a bid on ContractsCounsel, we will enter the expected turnaround time as the number of business days when we make a bid. We will use our best efforts to meet the timeline if you hire us within 48 hours of our bid submission. Since we cannot control when you hire us on the platform, we cannot guarantee the turnaround time for accepted bids after the 48-hour window elapses.

6.  Delivery

For Legal Services that include document drafting or review, we will strive to provide the deliverables to you on or before the due date specified in our bid or as otherwise agreed to between you and us. Upon delivery of the first draft/initial review, we will mark the project as “Delivered" on the platform. Once the project is marked delivered, you will have 3 days to accept the deliverables or “Request Revisions.” Regardless of whether you formally request revisions on the platform, we will provide revisions for the period specified in our bid., but be advised that if you accept the project as complete or do not request revisions within 3 days, you will automatically be charged the remaining balance. 

7.  Revisions

We will provide unlimited revisions up to 30 days from the date of hire on the platform. Revisions are limited to only subject matter that: (i) was communicated to us prior to delivery of the first draft; (ii) should have been known to us prior to delivery of the first draft; or (iii) was communicated to us within 2 days of delivery of the first draft. We may provide additional revisions, but the intent of this limitation is to provide us with timely communication and feedback.

8.  Consultations

If our bid includes “unlimited consultations,” we will provide such consultations for the period specified in the bid. Consultations are intended for your internal guidance only and do not include dispute resolution, negotiation, or any communications with third parties. Consultations are limited to a maximum of 1 hour per consultation unless we agree to extend the call. We agree to respond

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