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Get a Custom Site Optimized for SEO and Mobile


Our experienced team creates websites and content that captures your brand to help achieve your business goals.

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Make a Website Work For You

Your website is like having an employee who works 24/7 who isn't going to call out sick. Put it to work.

  1. Get Found

  2. Build Trust

  3. Automate

  4. Convert

1. Get Found

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a nebulous term, but the basic idea is pretty simple: 

  • Let search engines know you exist

  • Provide content that people want to see

  • Design a site that works on web and mobile

  • Don't mess it up with bad technology

Four Steps to 
Our Approach

Content First

We view websites as content delivery vehicles. Content boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO), builds trust with your brand, and converts visitors into customers. A beautiful website is important, but it's not what's most important.

Designed to DIY

We create websites using an easy-to-use website builder (not WordPress) so that when the time comes, you or your team can easily make modifications, add content and take control.

Designed to Convert

We employ customer journey mapping approaches early in the design process so we can create a logical flow across your website that increases both SEO and conversion rates.

Designed to Scale

To get the most out of your website, it needs to be a living, breathing part of your business. Both the design and content on your website needs to scale with your business operations.

We Bring

Your Business Plan to Life

Your website is a testing ground for your business plan. Seeing it alive and in action can and often does result in a pivot for your entire business model.


Technical Requirements
We don't just build websites, we build businesses. We help our clients think through the technical aspects, as well as the development costs, of creating a website that makes a business plan possible.

Operational Requirements
Depending on your type of business and the goal of your website, there will be additional requirements necessary in order to make your website operational, automated and profitable.

A Few More Specifics

Not all website designers are created equal.

Design + Implementation

There are people who design websites, and people who build them. Don't be caught by surprise when you pay for one but don't get the other.

Graphic Design

We make your website pop with custom icons, logos, pictures and more to help you stand out from the crowd of templates and other low-cost options.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations and automations will help your business scale, including event schedulers, chat bots, online payments, email marketing integrations and more.

Content Optimization

With many website "designers," content is an afterthought. Dev Counsel focuses on current and future content first then design a website to deliver it.

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