Content + Video = More Sales

Your customers are watching.

They're always watching...and we know what to show them. 

Ever hear of a picture going viral? Probably not.

There's a reason why videos are so popular - they're more entertaining

Effective videos don't have to be perfect or shot with fancy equipment. The most important part is that they exist. Even really bad videos are entertaining, right? Well maybe you don't want really bad videos. We can help with that.

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Video Marketing Services

Not sure what to say? Script it.

Our content team works closely with our video team to script out videos, either in full or bullet points, to help get you ready for the camera. In addition to making sure you get the right content out there, scripting saves time in production and in the editing room, so let us help you get it right the first time.

Your place or mine? Video shoots.

We can come to you, or you can come to us (SoCal only) to shoot a sweet video. We have all kinds of gear - cameras, mics, lighting, drones, sliders, and more - to help create a professional video. Want a lower budget remote option? We'll help you shoot your own video then spiff it up with some fancy editing.

Music to your viewers' ears.

The right background music sets the tone for your video and makes viewing it more enjoyable. It can also be a pretty good tool to cover up not-so-great audio. Regardless of its purpose, we'll add music to your videos to create a professional sound that has your viewers hitting the repeat button. 

Explain, demonstrate, and teach.

We create various types of videos for a wide range of purposes. Whether it's to highlight a person or a product, to teach or to sell, videos are powerful tools to add value for your customers and convert more visitors into consumers. 

Animations and graphics

Add "B-roll" to your videos to make them more informative, interesting, and professional. We can create animated logos and graphics, slow slide decks, insert additional stock or custom video, and more. 

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Do your viewers ears a favor...

Good audio is key to viewer engagement. So you'll want to get this right.

If you need help, we can take your video and audio and clean it up.

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