How to Work Miracles with a Little Website: 5 Ways to Sell More and Improve Your Business

You don't need a six-figure website to make six figures. Sure, all the marketing gurus out there want you to believe they've got the magic answer, but there's nothing complicated about selling online. If there's a decent market for your product, then all you need to do is follow these five simple rules. You're bound to see some results.

1. Pick Your Target

If you want to hit your goals, then you've got to know where you're aiming! No one gets out of bed and finds gold in their socks. You've got to get out there in the world with a shovel in your hand and start digging. The best thing you can do to cut back on your workload is to know where to dig! You need to look for a booming market first, and then pitch your product to them. The more specific you are, then the better your chances will be to strike gold.

2. Wave Their Flags

Wouldn't it be easy to wave a magic wand and make the gold walk to your front door? You could retire your shovel and sit under the AC all day. In essence, that's what flagging customers in your advertising can do for you. Don't send out an average advertisement targeted at average people and expect above-average results. Identify your most profitable groups of customers and specifically mention them in every headline. They'll come to you, and you'll work less.

3. Keep Your Eyes on the Mark

The biggest downside to an over-built website is the massive amount of distractions that go along with it. Your customers can barely make it through the sales pitch because they have a million links to click along the way. You have to push for the sale when you're paying for traffic. Avoid adding links, and get rid of the navigation bar. The most profitable way to convert leads is through creating a series of simple stand-alone landing pages that all end with a strong call to action.

4. Fill All the Gaps

There's no sales agent on the other end of the computer convincing your leads to buy. The writing on your website is your sales team. You've got to treat it just like you would a sales call. Address every objection on the page and answer every question. That's how you fill the gaps and pick up the slack. There's a strong connection between the level of detail in your landing pages and the number of products you sell.

5. Ask for the Check

This tip alone can help improve the conversion rates of websites that are already getting plenty of traffic. All you have to do is ask for the sale more often. Most people do it at the bottom of the page. Smarter entrepreneurs do it at the top of the page and at the bottom. But, wealthy online business owners do it constantly throughout their websites. Don’t underestimate your business.

Are You Ready to Give These Tips a Try?

It's easy to try a few split tests with a couple of stand-alone landing pages. Just send a little bit of traffic to them, and see if you can get better conversion rates. Pick a target market that's already buying, and call out your ideal customers in every advertisement. Wave their flags, and they'll come to you! Remember to always be as detailed as possible on your landing pages, and never let anything distract the customer from buying. You've got this!


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