Videos Your Small Business Should Make

Historically, video marketing has been reserved for big brands with big budgets. However, in recent years, video creation has become much more attainable for smaller businesses.

How Do I Optimize Video for Search?

It depends. For general brand awareness, YouTube and Vimeo are a few options to consider. Once your video is indexed, most of the traffic will go to them instead of your website.


Define your goals. Are you optimizing your video to gain new leads or generate more sales? Or is your goal to establish more thought leadership and brand awareness?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add a Video Transcript. Not only do video transcripts make your videos more accessible to a larger audience, they make your videos available to search bots since there’s additional text on the page.

  2. Use engaging photos for the video thumbnail. It's often the first thing your customers will see when they are searching for your service.

  3. Have a title and a description for your video. The title and meta description play a factor into ranking videos.

  4. Ensure your pages are optimized for SEO.

  5. Embed the Video you want ranked first on a page and make that page the focus of the video. Google typically only indexes one video per page.

Contact Dev Counsel for more support or ask us anything! Video SEO is more important than ever! It's one of the most crucial digital marketing strategies that will drive long-term results.

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