7 Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Know and Use for Brand Growth

For people to choose your startup's offerings, they must know what your company represents - that is your brand. Without a strong and well-developed brand, it won't matter how good your product is. People will not know what to expect from you in terms of quality or price, and will shy away and pursue well-known companies and brands. Fortunately, you have options to choose from to grow your brand efficiently and effectively. Here are 7 tips on brand growth you can use for your startup:

1. Find Your Brand's Voice

Some celebrities have voices so distinct that you will know who is speaking with but a single word. That kind of recognition is what you want for your brand. The more distinct you can make the brand voice, the more easily you can grow it. Consider Nike. Their voice is encouraging and motivational, and it is expressed in all their copywriting, as well as their trademark in three simple words "Just Do It." When you see the Nike logo, you know what feeling they are trying to inspire. Find that voice for your startup, and your brand will grow.

2. Create a Target Persona

Your brand's primary purpose is to communicate the identity of your company to your target market, and to do that well you must know your target market. Meeting every single member of your audience is impractical and impossible, but you don’t need to do that. You just need to make a persona, a picture of your ideal customer that you can use as a reference when making brand adjustments. Figuring out everything about your ideal customer, from the language they use to their spending habits, can make it much easier to position your brand for maximum effectiveness.

3. Collaborate with Larger Brands

Developing your brand is not just an in-house effort, which is fortunate. You are small, relatively unknown, and you lack the resources to push your startup's identity into people's minds. With the right positioning, your startup can partner up with larger and more established brands to make the early going a lot easier. Look for companies who serve your target market but do not compete with you directly, and see how you can benefit them. From there, you can ask to have your logo and company name on their websites or mentioned in advertising campaigns, which can give you the early exposure a small business surely needs.

4. Put Emphasis on Content Marketing

To get people's attention, you must provide them with value. Fortunately, your consumer base is likely always on the lookout for more content to consume. That makes content marketing a viable path towards growing your brand. Many entrepreneurs neglect to focus on developing a business blog, but you can do more than just that. You can create and publish informative videos, start a podcast, or even post on LinkedIn. The more content you have out there, the easier you will be able to grow and expand your brand.

5. Be Present on Social Media

To grow your brand, you need to engage with your consumer base, and nothing makes that easier than social media. Social media platforms are designed to keep you in constant contact with your customers, allowing you to position and strengthen your brand's presence in their minds. However, you should keep in mind that your resources and time are limited, thus; it would be strategic to focus on one platform first. Once you scale up, then you can consider expanding your social media reach.

6. Make Sure Your Customer Service is On Point

If you want people to love your brand, you must treat them right. That means developing a strong customer service program. The faster you reply to questions and resolve complaints, the better people will think about your brand and how it made them feel.

7. Create Infographics

Pictures and images are one of the best ways to get an audience's attention, but just nice looking pictures are no longer enough. What you offer the audience must have some value to your target market if you want it to be beneficial to your brand. Infographics can provide that value in an easy to process package. As an added bonus, infographics are low-pressure posts that people can feel comfortable sharing, which further enhances brand growth.

These tips are simple yet effective ways to quickly grow your startup's brand. There are more ways to grow your brand, so you should remain consistent even after you feel that your brand has grown enough. Part of being an entrepreneur is eternal vigilance. You slip up once, and the startup will pay for it.


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