11 Tips for Small Business Startups

Ask any entrepreneur and they'll likely tell you there's nothing like running your own business. If you're dreaming of the day you can be your own boss, it's time to wake up and make your dreams into a reality. A few simple steps can help get you ready to hit the ground running with your new business venture. Be sure to tackle these small business startup tips first to give your company the best possible chance at success.

Even if you're still working a day job, you can put your plans in motion to build your own small business startup. Working on the side can help you to build a nest egg or save some startup capital to go full-time with your career aspirations. If you're quitting your day job cold turkey, the same rough rules will apply. Here are a few tips to ensure your company is as organized and visible as possible from day one.

1. Create a Business Plan

Your business plan can be a single page or two pages long. It can be several hundred pages long. Only you know how much detail you'll need to map out in order to be successful with your ideas. Start with a single page business plan that identifies your products or services, your customers, how your offerings will help them, payment and revenue streams, your intended PR and advertising efforts, success metrics, and challenges you'll need to surmount.

2. Register Your Business

File any required paperwork to incorporate a business with the appropriate government department within your state. Consider whether you will file for a fictitious name, register a trademark, or other documentation.

3. Design a Logo

Hire a graphic designer or create a logo yourself to establish your brand identity. Your logo will grace just about every aspect of your corporate presence, online and in print.

4. Set Up a Website

If your potential customers can't find you, it’ll be nearly impossible to make any money. Even if you plan to keep it simple, create a website where your prospects can learn more about your business.

5. Secure the Social Media Properties for Your Company

Regardless if you don't plan to use them right away, sign up for an account using your business' name to protect your brand.