Keyword Strategy 

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Keywords are everything when it comes to SEO. If you are serious about increasing the profitability of your website, you need to boost your visibility in Google and other search engines with a keyword strategy. 


So, what’s a Keyword?  It’s any word or multi-word phrase that a search engine user types into a search bar. 

Categories of Keywords: 


Head-term Keywords - These are competitive keywords with high search volume.  For example: Artificial Intelligence

Long-tail Keywords - Have three or more phrases.  For example, if your potential clients are searching for 'how to become certified in real estate' , then it is clear that they want to buy and sell houses.  With the right keyword strategy, you can target a specific group of people that have high buy/commercial intent for your specific industry or brand.   

What Are Buyer Keywords?


Buyer keywords are search terms people use when they are planning to make a purchase. There are several types of purchasing keywords that shoppers use on their internet browsing journey.  

  • Informational keywords - help locate general information or get the attention of potential new clients. 

  • Navigational keywords help people find a specific brand, product, or service of interest. 

  • Commercial investigation keywords help zero in on the desires of your potential clients. 

  • Transactional keywords help find the right place to make a transaction or exchange.

SEO Keyword Research Tools We Like:


A great tool to get you started is to gather keywords from Google itself.  Brainstorm your own keyword master list by sketching out a grid of words your target customers might use.  Focus on quality, not quantity. We suggest you choose a maximum of ten keywords to start your campaign and build from there.  Call us when your ready to learn more, and we can help develop your SEO Plan.  

Here are a few Keyword Planning Tools to get you started with brainstorming: 

Optimize Your Buyer Keyword Strategy 


A great way to think about your digital marketing strategy is to draw shoppers to the top of the purchase funnel and then guide them through their purchase process. When this takes place online, keywords and content are the main guideposts along the way. 

Need help getting started?  Check out our resources page, or download our Free Content Strategy Guide.  Contact us anytime to learn how we can help with your research.  We love this stuff! 

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