It's simple.

We build it so you can too.

Bundled or Unbundled . . .

Our services are designed to give you want you want with the budgetary and technical considerations you need.

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We're more consultant than salesman.

We do the work so we can help put your plan into action.

We provide the basic ingredients, give you the recipe, and show you how to make it. If you want to then do it on your own, that's cool. If you want to add a few more dishes to the mix, that's cool too. 

Our intent is to keep things simple so that you have the ability to change, add, copy and expand on what we started.

How it Works

Designed for DIYers

We use third-party platforms and apps to build our websites, obtain stock imagery, logos and video, and provide you the pieces so you can jump in where we left off. We feature:

  • DIY-friendly website builder means no custom code

  • Licensed content that allows you to use how you want it

  • Documentation to help you learn on your own...

  • when you need it

Broad project management

One of our​ project managers will be with you from start to finish across the full range of services we provide you. We will employ a team both inside and sometimes outside our company to build your finished product, but you will always have one person who you can contact to make sure plans are going as scheduled and as intended. Our project managers:

  • Help determine the goal for your overall project

  • Communicate regularly and seek input

  • Work with sub-contractors to ensure specifications are met

  • Are all awesome people. We like them, you will too.

It's yours. All yours.

You won't see our branding anywhere on your website or in your content or videos. It's all yours.

  • Whatever we send you is yours, forever

  • No Dev Counsel branding on your content

  • We will work with your current content and expand it

  • Your feedback is appreciated, and actively incorporated

It's your voice, we just project it.

We work had to make sure the style and tone of our work matches your own, so the content we create comes off as authentic and real.

  • We read what you give us

  • We get into your own thoughts via calls and chats

  • We adapt our style to meet your style

On time, on target

Our fees are based on the estimated time it will take to complete certain tasks. ​Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day. 

  • Rush timelines available to meet your needs

  • Project milestones set up front

  • Access our working files even after services are complete

  • Agile development means you don't have to wait for everything to be complete, you can get it while it's hot

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