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Say Goodbye to the Billable Hour

Subscription-based legal services for technology and professional services companies

let's go further, together.

Fractional General Counsel Services

Add a dedicated attorney to your team

Client Connect

Unlimited access to counsel

Yes, it's really unlimited

we got you.

100% flat fees

Unlimited access to counsel

No hidden costs

Peace of mind

Packages Too

A solution for everybody

Technology is our friend (and yours too)

We're optimizing the delivery of legal services by harnessing the power of technology

dedicated client communication channel

automated legal document drafting

cloud-based document storage

integrated contract management

AI-powered document review


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Unlimited Access to Counsel

Legal advice is only a phone call or an email away.

The law is an integral part of your business, so we're not just legal counsel, we're business counsel too.

Our legal subscription plans provide you with anytime access to an attorney so that we can be a benefit to your team, and not a burden.