Dev Counsel

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Services. Better Together.

We combine multiple disciplines in order to provide you with holistic solutions that save you time and money.

Business Development

General business planning and development assistance to get up and running faster.

Digital Marketing

From websites to paid advertising, make a great first impression and keep your customers coming back.

Legal Consulting

The law is interwoven in just about everything a business does. Start with a lawyer, not a lawsuit.

Business Development

Generalized business planning and development to get you up and running.

Business Planning

  • Develop an actionable business plan

  • Determine budget and allocation

  • Analyze possible revenue streams

  • Create a detailed requirements list

Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Determine product-market fit

  • Understand your target audience

  • Analyze competition and demand

  • Develop a pricing strategy

Operational Planning

  • Create invoices and an accounting system

  • Set up necessary technology

  • Onboard and train your team

  • Start collecting payments

Business Technology Consulting 

  • Integrate web, email, cloud storage and more

  • Payroll and accounting software

  • Website hosting, email marketing, and analytics

  • CRM, productivity, and more


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