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Benefits of the Business Development Lab


Workspace + Services

Flexible and affordable Spaces plus on-site services.

Specifically designed to help your business, regardless of stage.


Occasional use of Spaces

DIY-assist training and content

Startup Boot Camp

Ongoing support and development


Regular use of Spaces

Outsource vice DIY Services

Scale more efficiently without hiring

Bring your team together


Our process saves your time & money.

Our combination of services creates economies of scale - allowing us to do more for you in less time than doing it yourself, and for less money than finding individual vendors.

Your brand could be in danger before you even get started.

Picking a name or logo for your business is about more than creative design. Trademark law protects you - and others - from infringement.

We Provide

Space to Work & Grow

Flexible part-time and full-time access to executive suites, conference room and more for you and your team.

Is Dev Counsel a Jack of All Trades?

We like to say that we are a "Jack of all trades, master of some." In a world where every business appears to be specializing (so they can charge more), we saw a need for a general service provider - someone who can bridge the gap between doing-it-yourself, and paying the rates of a specialist.

So . . . we offer services for businesses looking to start or grow. We do a lot of things and do them well, BUT there will (hopefully) be a time where you get too big and too complex for us. 

When that time comes, we will help you transition through our Partner Network of:

  • Graphic designers and photographers

  • Attorneys and accountants

  • Commercial real estate professionals

  • Pay-per-click marketing pros

  • and more

How We Differ

We look at the entire picture.


Understand your business

Offer holistic services

Can work autonomously

Write scripts for you

Work with you

Understand the law


Have to explain your business

Offer specific services

Need specific direction

Record your script

Work for you

Refer you to lawyers

What this means to you . . .

We get to know all aspects of your business and then become your business partner, doing things that would ordinarily be possible only for you or your employees. We are able to offer you the services that you need, without being biased to sell a particular product. We save you both time and money by creating efficiencies - you tell us once, and we get to work across all services.