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There's a lot that goes into starting a business. We can help.


 If you're a new entrepreneur, starting a business can be overwhelming. You don't know what you don't know, and we can help fill in some of the blanks.


Most businesses are started by one or two people. With a little outsourced help from us, you can ramp up your startup and start operating more quickly.


We probably don't know how to do your business better than you, but we're here to brainstorm, research and help build a better business, whatever that takes.

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Some Specifics

Business Planning

Develop an actionable business plan

Determine budget and allocation

Analyze possible revenue streams

Create a detailed requirements list

Go-to-Market Strategy

Determine product-market fit

Study your target audience

Analyze competition and demand

Develop a pricing strategy

Operational Planning

Create invoices and an accounting system

Set up necessary technnology

Onboard and train your team

Start collecting payments

Frequently asked questions

What can Dev Counsel business development services offer me?

We help you look at your business in light of the technical, legal, and other considerations. Sometimes a business plan looks good on paper, but some overlooked or under-realized aspects can force you to pivot. By looking at a business plan holistically, we can help you avoid having to pivot after you have already invested considerable time and resources.

What are some of the specific tasks that Dev Counsel can accomplish?

We can do a lot of things, but one thing you'll have access to as a member is our curated content, including templates and guides to help you tackle some business tasks on your own.

My business is already established, how can Dev Counsel help it grow?

Dev Counsel helps businesses that are already operating achieve more by assisting with some of the tasks you already have in motion. For certain types of businesses, scaling is one of the biggest challenges. Hiring new employees opens you up to not only additional expenses, but also a whole host of compliance and regulatory concerns. We can help you scale more effectively by offering outsourced business development services.

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