Fulfillment Policy

Last Modified: April 2, 2020


Delivery of Services and Products will be made electronically once complete.


For Website Development projects, Dev Counsel, LLC will provide access to the in-work website within the time period set forth in the Milestone section of an Accepted Quote. The terms for delivery of the Completed Website will be per the Accepted Quote, and will include providing Ownership access via the Website Host platform.

Content Development projects will be delivered to Client either: (a) directly onto Client's website, or (b) through out electronic means (such as through email or a cloud-based platform). 

Ownership of Material

Dev​ Counsel, LLC is the author and owner of all content made exclusively by Dev Counsel for Client. Dev Counsel will provide a License to Client for all work created on Clients' behalf. Terms of such license will be as determined in a separate written agreement between Client and Dev Counsel.

Client retains all rights and interest to material provided by them to Dev Counsel, LLC in order to complete the project. 

Reuse of Material 

Any material used in ​the completion of a Client project may be reused by Dev Counsel, LLC unless: (1) provided directly by Client, or (2) agreed otherwise in a separate written agreement. 



In the event that a project is cancelled, Dev Counsel, LLC will provide the current in-work project material that has been properly paid for by Client. Such material includes license to written Content, Images, Graphics, Videos, and other purchased content. 

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