Payment Terms & Refund Policy

Last Modified: April 2, 2020


Projects will be quoted based on the type and quantity of the work to be done. An estimate time to complete the project will be assessed, and Milestones will be provided on a predetermined schedule. Each Milestone will be a "Milestone Period," and will be determined based on its percentage of the Total Quote Price. 

Initial Payment

Projects with a Total Quote Price less than one-thousand dollars ($1,000) will be required to provide an Initial Payment equal to 50% of the total project costs at the time of Quote Approval, plus any Fixed Expenses (expenses that we must pay to a third-party in order to perform our Services).

Projects with a Total Quote Price equal to or greater than one-thousand dollars ($1,000) will be broken down by Milestones. An Initial Payment equal to the First Milestone plus Fixed Expenses will be due at Quote Approval. 

The Initial Payment plus any Fixed Expenses is NONREFUNDABLE.

Subsequent Payments

Subsequent Payments will be invoiced approximately one week prior to the end of the current Milestone Period. Subsequent Payments are due within one (1) week of invoice, or the date indicated on the Invoice (whichever is earlier). All Subsequent Payments must be made prior to work beginning on the next Milestone Period. Subsequent Payments will be equal to the price quoted for such Milestone Period, unless a Change is made to the project.

Once a Subsequent Payment is made, such payment becomes NONREFUNDABLE.

Change Orders Adding to Project Cost


Any Change made to the Quoted project will require a Change Request. Such Change Request may be made orally or in writing, but will require and Adjusted Quote for the proposed Changes. If no Adjusted Quote is provided, the change may be considered minor or having no affect on the Total Quote Price, and thus no additional charge will be required.

If a Change is made prior to the Project Start Date, then the project will be re-quoted. If a Change is made after the Project Start Date, then the Change will be added to the Milestone during which is will be completed. If the Milestone is currently in progress and payment has been made, the Change Price will be added to the next Milestone, and such Change Price will be due and NONREFUNDABLE.


Change Orders Subtracting from Project Cost


If a Change is requested that reduces the overall cost of the project, the Milestone in which the Change would have been due will be adjusted. Change Orders that subtract from the Project Cost will be subject to a Change Fee of one-hundred dollars ($100).  Such Change Fee is NONREFUNDABLE.



Client has the right to cancel for any reason prior to Quote Acceptance. In the event that a project is Cancelled for any reason by client after Quote Acceptance, the Initial Fee is due and NONREFUNDABLE. Any Milestones in work, or currently invoiced also become due and NONREFUNDABLE. Any Milestones not in work or invoiced will not be due. If any advanced fees have been paid for future Milestones, such payments will be REFUNDABLE All Cancellations made after Quote Acceptance are subject to a one-hundred dollar ($100) CANCELLATION FEE. All Cancellations must be made IN WRITING to be effective.

Dev Counsel, LLC reserves the right to cancel a project at any time and for any reason. While such cancellation is unlikely, in the event that such an action is taken, all monies paid to Dev Counsel, LLC, less any Fixed Costs actually paid by Dev Counsel and any work already completed that can be provided to client, will be REFUNDABLE.

Changes to Payment Terms & Refund Policy


We reserve the right to change this Payment Terms and Refund Policy from time to time, so be sure to check back periodically. These Payment Terms & Refund Policy are intended to provide advanced notice to our clients and prospective clients, but may be superseded by an agreement made to the contrary, such as through a Website & Content Development Agreement that may be provided to you after Quote Acceptance. If there is a conflict between this policy and any other agreement made specifically between you and Dev Counsel, LLC, the other agreement controls.