Conference Room

Start Meeting.

Get the Team Back Together

Working remotely can be challenging.

Use our space to do work, together.

Seating up to 8

High-speed internet

TV with HDMI and wireless connectivity

High-speed internet


$25 1st hour

$20/hr after


$50 1st hour

$25/hr after

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Frequently asked questions

How many people does the conference room fit?

There is seating at the table for up to 8, and additional seating is available for a maximum of 12 people at one time.

What equipment is provided?

Our conference room has a flat screen TV that can be used for presentations. Presentations/videos can be played wirelessly from Apple devicees, or connected directly to the TV with appropriate cables. We provide cables to common devices, but it is recommended that you bring your own cable that can plug into an HDMI port on the TV to ensure compatibility.

Can I host live (web) events in the conference room?

Yes. You can bring your own recording equipment, or for an additional fee we can set up live streaming and/or recording equipment for you in the conference room.

Can I bring food or beverages into the conference room?

Yes, subject to some restrictions, including no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Spaces.

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