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Legal Consulting

Start with a lawyer, not a lawsuit.

Legal advice doesn't have to be expensive.


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Avoid costly omissions with the right information.


What business entity is right for you? Sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation? Get the answers early so you can get on with your own business.


Regardless of your business type, making money usually involves some form of contract engagement. Get paid with clear expectations for all.


Make sure your assets are protected and that your brand will not be impacted by costly cease and desist letters or lawsuits.

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Why Dev Counsel?

Start now while planning for later.

Many businesses forgo legal advice when starting up because they think it's too expensive, or they have too many other tasks they need to handle first. Whether you like it or not, however, the law is involved in just about everything a business does, and failing to plan for it can prove costly down the road.

Dev Counsel will help you recognize and understand the legal implications involved in your business. Whether you use legal services or not is on you, but you should at least be prepared.

Some Specifics

Business Entity Formation

Business entity formation

Business name search

Operating agreements

Business licenses and permits

Contract Drafting

Website documents (privacy & terms)

Employee agreements & NDAs

Commercial contracts

Lease and purchase agreements

Brand Protection

Federal trademark registration

Federal copyright registration

Patents and invention assignments

Licensing agreements

Employment Considerations

Employee agreements and handbooks

Internal company policies and procedures

Employee assignment agreements

Location-based advertising

Frequently asked questions

Is Dev Counsel a law firm?

No. Dev Counsel is not a law firm. We have an attorney who can provide legal information, but any specific legal advice or services will only come from a law firm under a specific engagement agreement. Anything here or in any content produced by Dev Counsel should be considered legal information only, and not specific legal advise. Dev Counsel's attorney is licensed in California and associated with Noli IP Solutions PC, a law firm specializing in intellectual property matters. While we are associated with Noli IP, you may use any service that you wish.

I'm not in California, can Noli IP Solutions PC still provide me legal services?

Certain legal services, such as business formation, are based on state law, so Noli IP can only provide services based on California law. Other areas of law, such as intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, & patents), are federal law, and Noli IP can generally provide services regardless of where your business is located.

What legal services are particularly necessary for a startup?

Legal considerations vary based on the type of business, market, location, etc, but Startups generally need to consider their business entity and name first. Even if you do not plan to incorporate or get a trademark, there are certain consideratons that should be taken into account and planned for from the beginning.

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