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When your brand is rocking, trouble comes a knocking.

Successful brands are often imitated. Are you ready to stop the imitation? Are you ready to protect what you've earned?

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Huh? What's a trademark?

Check out Noli IP Solutions. They have some good content.


If you use it (wrong) you lose it.

Trademarks are "earned" through use, but they can be lost for non-use, or incorrect use. Are you using it as a trademark or service mark? Are you using it merely more ornamentation? Is it generic or merely descriptive? These questions are legal terms of art, and we can help explain, advise, and protect your marks.​


To register or not to register?

There are numerous benefits to federal trademark registration. In addition to providing rights and remedies to stop infringers, it also allows you to secure your name and prevent others from trademarking it, and the costly legal fees that will result if you have to fight for your mark. ​And did you know you can improve your Amazon listings with a trademark? Well, you can.

How about some privacy?

Privacy laws are constantly changing, the requirements to provide a comprehensive policy and adequate safeguards of personal information is not just for big companies. We can help draft a website privacy policy and help guide internal information data security policies to ensure compliance.

Are you compliant?

Running a business, as you probably know, requires being familiar with a wide range of state and possibly federal requirements. From business licenses to employment agreements, we can help make sure you're on the good side of the law. 

Now will you incorporate?

As your business grows, so too does its potential liability. You may also be nearing the stage where you are looking to attract investors or prepare for a sale. Incorporating may be a wise decision to protect the personal assets of your owners, as well as make your company ready to receive some capital.

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What's the different between ® and ??

The ® stands for "registered," as in a trademark federally registered with the USPTO 

The "TM" is a mark that isn't registered (yet). 

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