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Dude, I already have a brand...

That's great! Let's explore some ways to grow it.


Whatcha gonna call it?

The first, and often one of the most difficult steps, to starting your naming it! There are numerous considerations, and we can help. Here are some things that are important to consider:

  • Does it sound cool?

  • Is the domain name or a similar domain name available?

  • Are social media handles available?

  • Does your industry have special naming requirements?

  • Is the name already being used?

  • Is it protectable?

How about a logo?

If you want your brand to pop, an easily identifiable logo is crucial. The font, color, and overall design are just the beginning. A strong logo will also be easy to read and distinguishable from other brands, especially ones that are in your same industry. We offer: 

  • 2D graphic design

  • Animated logos to make it pop on the web and video

  • Logo clearance to ensure you're not infringing another company's intellectual property

  • Provided in multiple sizes and formats for various uses

We do websites.

We specialize in content creation (more on that later), but your website is the primary delivery vehicle for the content. It's important to start your website off right in order to optimize it for search (yeah, we'll get to that later too). Our websites:

  • Can be designed from a template or fully custom

  • Are built and hosted on a DIY-friendly third-party platform so you can take control and expand at any time with ease

  • Respond to desktop and mobile browsers

  • Are designed to be found across multiple search engines

  • Can be up and running quickly

In-corporate legal considerations.

Whether you like it or not, starting and running a business requires an understanding and compliance with the laws. Through our association with Noli IP Solutions, we can help:


  • Clear business names, domain names, logos & more

  • Incorporate, form an LLC, or DBA

  • Draft privacy policies and terms of use for your website

  • Protect your intellectual property with trademark and copyright registrations

  • Advise on some other legal stuff too

Spread the word.

What good is your shiny new website and super-duper content if nobody knows about it? Sure, we built your site to be found on the internet, but ranking takes time. You can get a jumpstart (and​ also help organic search rankings) by:

  • Integrating social media and blasting out to your contacts

  • Create a paid advertising campaign on Google, Facebook, etc.

  • Go old school with business cards, print media, and more

  • Expanding your website content...

  • Expanding your content beyond your website (ever hear of YouTube?'s kind of a big deal)

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Keep the fire stoked.

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