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You have a brand, but now it's time to start getting found, building confidence, and cultivating new leads. Are you ready?

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I am the master of my domain.

And I don't want anyone else to try to change that.


Create some amazing content.

Having a website is just the starting point. In order to fully optimize it, you need content. Content is what brings visitors to your site, keeps them there, and ultimately builds confidence in your services. We do content, well. Here's what content does:

  • Gets you found on the interweb

  • Builds confidence and converts site visitors into customers

  • We can write about some hard stuff...go on, test us

  • Content is enduring..unlike paid advertising

  • Keep the content coming...fresh is best 

  • Did we mention it helps to get found on the web?

Shoot some epic videos.

Videos are simply more entertaining than written content, and therefore are more likely to be watched, rewatched, and shared. As awesome as video is from a content and SEO standpoint, they're admittedly hard to make. That's where we come in...

  • Full or partially-scripted dialogues

  • Enhanced animations, effects, music, lighting, sound...etc.

  • In-person shoots (SoCal only), or live webcam capture

  • Create a YouTube channel, or host directly on your website

  • Yeah, videos can be optimized for search too

  • Explainer, interview, presentation, screenshot and other formats depending on the content

Enhance your SEO

Once you have the building blocks in place, you can really start drilling down on your page rankings. With all businesses, there are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (yeah...SWOT applies to SEO too). With a little knowledge, planning, and can get to the first page and start rising to the top. Here's how we do it:

  • Run some reports to do a SWOT analysis

  • Build content around the keywords most likely to rank

  • Tweak some back-end technical SEO geeky stuff

  • Write some more content...

  • Track and analyze search rankings over time

  • Integrate analytics onto your site to optimize organization, customer funnels, and ultimate conversions

Pinpoint your target audience.

You have a beautiful website, chock full of incredible content. When visitors land there, they spend copious amounts of time taking in everything you have to offer. There's just not enough of them, or they just want you for your content, not your services. We can help with that. ​

  • Strategic PPC and digital advertising campaigns

  • Designed not just for clicks or page views, but sales

  • Determine where you target audience finds you...

  • ...then put your content there

  • Yeah, time for more content...aimed directly at your customers' wants and needs

Protect it if you got it.

At this point, you've worked really hard (and hopefully paid us a lot of money) to build up your brand presence. If you don't want to risk it, it might be a good time to start protecting what you build. (If you haven't done so already...)

  • Register a federal trademark

  • License your brand, or license another to expand

  • Audit your website for privacy concerns and compliance

  • Maybe now's a good time to incorporate?

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Content is King...

But video is the court jester. Keep your site visitors entertained with engaging and professional video(s).

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