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Outsource Your Business Partner™

We get to know all aspects of your business so that we can become a part of your business.

We believe that every business needs a business partner, but not every business has one, or can afford one.

That's where Dev Counsel comes in.

We are your outsourced* business partner. We are part business consultant, part digital marketing agency, and a part of you.

Why We Exist

Our Mission
Every business wants to be successful, but every business owner doesn't know what they don't know. Our mission is to help fill in the missing pieces and to step in and provide services where a company either doesn't have the skills or doesn't have the time...whatever that area is.

Are we experts at everything?
The short answer, is no...but that's not the intent. For example, we create websites, but we're not trying to build super sophisticated sites with dedicated backend servers powering some Software-as-a-Service. We can find some cool stock illustrations, maybe change the colors, but we're not creating them from scratch. We are essentially here to do a better job than you could alone, and then, when needed, we reach out to specialists. The goal is to provide you what you need to get started, grow your business, then pass you off to the individual pros.

Can you do what we do yourself?
Maybe! There's a good chance that if you put your mind to it, you could build a decent website, write marketing copy, and operate your business on your own. For most business owners, however, the stuff we do sounds like a foreign language. Regardless of your skillsets, what we do definitely takes time and experience to do it well - so that's what we offer to you.

Our Commitment




We endeavor to be skilled in multiple areas so that we can recommend an unbiased strategy that is best for your business.

We offer generalized services so that we can look at the whole picture and identify the areas with the highest ROI.

We deliver strategic products in a format that you can use yourself, so even if we are doing the work, you have the tools needed to DIY.

“On the strength of one link in the cable, dependeth the might of the chain. Who knows when thou mayest be tested? So live that thou bearest the strain!”

- Capt. Ronald Hopwood, the "Laws of the Navy" 

How We Differ

We look at the entire picture.


Understand your business

Offer holistic services

Can work autonomously

Write scripts for you

Work with you

Understand the law


Have to explain your business

Offer specific services

Need specific direction

Record your script

Work for you

Refer you to lawyers

What this means to you . . .

We get to know all aspects of your business and then become your business partner, doing things that would ordinarily be possible only for you or your employees. We are able to offer you the services that you need, without being biased to sell a particular product. We save you both time and money by creating efficiencies - you tell us once, and we get to work across all services. 

Meet The Founder


Greg Butler

Founder, Attorney

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Greg is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He served as an AH-1Z "Cobra" helicopter pilot, completing two deployments to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.


After leaving active duty, Greg attended the University of San Diego School of Law where he focused his studies and experiential learning in the field of intellectual property.

Greg's passion is helping small businesses launch and grow while counseling them in a wide range of business, marketing and legal topics applicable to the early stages of business development.